Imange campaña

End Child Domestic Labor is an initiative of sensitization that looks to protect children and adolescents in domestic work and prevent the risks that exposes them to becoming victims of trafficking. It is about a campaign that contemplates the diffusion …


A strategy that Global Infancia implemented since its beginnings is the realization of a campaign of mass media and of impact directed to the candidates for the mayor’s office in the election period to raise awareness and ensure the inclusion …


The campaign Red Card to Abuse, implemented in 2006, generated a real mobilization in both communities and in the mass media and the artists and television figures who joined the diffusion of the message of the fight against violence and …

Identidad Paternidad Responsable

In the year 2008, Global Infancia in articulation with the National Secretariat of Childhood and Adolescence (SNNA) and Plan Paraguay, created a national campaign called Responsible Parenting.  You right, your obligation. This initiative emerged from the need identified to work …

Socios Estratégicos