Responsible parenting. Your right, your obligation

Identidad Paternidad Responsable

In the year 2008, Global Infancia in articulation with the National Secretariat of Childhood and Adolescence (SNNA) and Plan Paraguay, created a national campaign called Responsible Parenting.  You right, your obligation.

This initiative emerged from the need identified to work to reinforce and redeem the role that family plays in the harmonious development of children and adolescents; particularly the father, in the various events that make up the lives of their children.

The definition of the subject of the campaign originated in Global Infancia’s database log which revealed that for years and consecutively one of the priority areas that merited attention from the CODENIS (Municipal Council for the rights of the Child and Adolescent) reports was food allowance, placing itself between the rights of the most vulnerable.

It was likewise sought establishing the public debate of the subject through the strategy of diffusion of messages through the mass media and actions and activities of promotion.

For this, with the support of national television channels, commercial and community radio, written press and with the collaboration of Paraguayan television figures.  Posters, flyers and stickers were also massively distributed at public events, meetings and seminars with parents, teachers, authorities and other actors.

Here are the materials produced for the campaign.

Graphic material.

Support document directed towards journalists for the support of the subject Campaign Responsible Parenting – for journalists Campaña Paternidad responsable – Para periodistas

– TV Spot ‘Nena’

– TV Spot ‘Nene’

- Spot de Radio “Nena”

- Spot de Radio “Nena”

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