Red Card to abuse

The campaign Red Card to Abuse, implemented in 2006, generated a real mobilization in both communities and in the mass media and the artists and television figures who joined the diffusion of the message of the fight against violence and the promotion of good treatment towards children and adolescence.


This is a reality that continues in force.  Children and adolescents in Paraguay continue being the victims of all types of abuse: physical, psychological, sexual, at home and in sight.  These types of abuse and domestic violence are a terrible constant in the lives of many children that face it day to day in situations in which their closets adult figures not only deny them the right to be protected but also that to a family, school and a society where these abuses commonly occur as well as an infringement on their rights.

In this sense, the campaign Red Card to Abuse was a contribution to the construction of conscience though the awareness, diffusion and promotion of the right of good-treatment.

Here are the materials produced for the campaign.

Graphic material:

-Document of support directed to journalists for the approach of the subject.

Journalist material. Red Card campain

TV Spot ‘La Canchita’

Radio spot ‘Red card to abuse’

- Spot de Radio “Tarjeta roja al maltrato”

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