The team

Global Infancia has a team of professional, sensitive, committed and highly experiencedindividuals, trained in the disciplines of psychology, communication, education, administration amongst others.

Staff members

Marta Benítez, director

E-mail: / Skype: mmbenitezc

Johanna Walder, deputy director E-mail: / Skype: johanna.walder

MirnaBenegas, administrator

E-mail: / Skype: mirnabenegas

Technical coordination Johanna Walder, citizen leadership and inclusion

E-mail: / Skype: johanna.walder

Mabel Benegas, impact on public policy and risk management

E-mail: / Skype: silvia.mabel.benegas

María Silvia Calvo, capacity building and media and journalism

E-mail: / Skype: mscalvo

Cecilia Samaniego, comunication


Technical team

Ana Oviedo E-mail:

Diego Manera E-mail:

Fernando Hamuy E-mail:

Jazmín Rodríguez E-mail:

Karina Cuevas E-mail:

Leticia Ritter E-mail:

Liliana Riveros

Lupe Galiano E-mail:

Luz Domínguez E-mail:

Nancy Cuyer E-mail:

Ramón Romero E-mail:

Sandra Recalde E-mail:

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