Participation of children and adolescents

Global Infancia, as an attendee of one of the first of the Convention on the Rights of the Child at the United Nations, the participation of children and adolescents in diverse environments and through actions that affect public policy, promotion, dissemination and enforcement of rights, has been and continues to be a fundamental pillar in its institutional being.

In this respect, activities are being driven that have the child and adolescentorganizations as leaders accompanying the active participation in spaces such as departmental and municipal councils sector, committees of children and adolescents and the National Parliament and in international spaces such as meetings and congress, etc.

Currently, in the diverse projects that aim work at the fight against violence, such as corporal punishment, domestic labor, trafficking among others, children and adolescents participate in the elaboration and revision of projects of law, lobbying, radio spots, organization of forums, campaigns among others.

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