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  • Global News Agency

The Global News Agency is one the oldest initiatives in the organization that is implemented today.  It is a member of the ANDI Latin American network and currently is the Executive Secretary too.  The network is incorporated in 12 countries in the region including Paraguay.

It started its initiatives in 2004 with the aim of contributing to the construction of a culture that prioritizes the rights of children and adolescents, developing actions with means of actions and sources of information.

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It offers many daily and weekly products of free distribution, monitoring and informing over the trends of the media in topics such as childhood and adolescence etc., furthermore in consultations in institutional communication with the focus of rights.

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  • Journalist friends of children and Adolescents

Since 2005 the Global News Agency has made an annual event of recognition of journalists whose written, radio and televised work has been committed and respectful towards childhood and adolescence.

This has not only motivated other journalists to cover at a high standard, according to the criteria of the focus of rights, but also has generated a network of journalists that have become references and sources with the same mean.


The journalists recognized to this date are:


- Natalia Daporta, newspaperAbc Color (writtenpress).
- Sofía Masi, newspaper Última Hora (in the interior).
- Mabel Díaz, Telefuturo (television).
- Santiago Ortiz, radio Fe y Alegría (radio).


- Noelia Ferreira, newspaper La Nación (writtenpress).
- Andrés Colmán Gutiérrez, newspaper Última Hora (in the interior).
- Carolina Arévalo, Unicanal (television).
- Natividad Romero, FM Viva (radio).


- Miriam Morán, newspaper Última Hora (writtenpress).
- José del Puerto, newspaper Última Hora (in the interior).
- Estela Núñez Acosta, Multimedia Information Centre (CIM) (television).
- Cándida Ocampos, Primero de Marzo (radio).


- María José Centurión, newspaper Última Hora (writtenpress).
- Javier Núñez, newspaper Última Hora (in the interior).
- Zoraida Soto, Telefuturo (television).
- María Julia Cáceres, 970 AM (radio).


- Miguel López, newspaper Última Hora (writtenpress).
- Marvin Duerksen, newspaperAbc Color (in the interior).
- Nathalia Martínez, Telefuturo (television).
- Carlos Martini, Cáritas (radio).


- Patricia Lima, newspaper Última Hora (writtenpress).
- Cristino Peralta Bernal, newspaperAbc Color (in the interior).
- Daniela Candia, SNT (television).
- Diego Marini, Cardinal (radio).


- Cecilia Medina, newspaperAbc Color.
- Lupe Galiano, newspaper La Nación.
- Susana Oviedo, newspaper Última Hora.
- Teresa Domínguez, newspaper Última Hora.

  • Information and communication technologies

The new information and communication technologies (ICTs) are a tool that requires care and knowledge on the part of adults in charge of the up-bringing of children and adolescents as it is for them.

Global Infancia for many years has been working on this topic involving activities of mobilization, advocacy, diffusion and formation, amongst them the contest Tecnologia Si, with an elaboration of videos with positive messages.  Currently, Global is developing actions in an educational scope, especially with dozens of school teachers and groups of organized children, adolescents and youth leaders, promoting the safe and responsible use of technologies throughout the generation of capabilities.


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