Parliamentary Front

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASince 2007, the lawmakers of Paraguay have committed themselves to the children and adolescents of the country forming and integrating the Parliamentary Front for childhood and adolescence with the objective of undertaking effective actions to guarantee their rights.

So, with the accompaniment of Global Infancia alliances are being established between legislators and social groups to build together the priorities of the childhood sector, the approval of laws that contribute to a positive change in the conditions of their lives and interchange of experiences between members of parliament in the regions united with the Parliamentary Front of each country.

Currently, the Parliamentary Front is monitoring the following bills:

-Bill of protection against peer bullying (recently sanctioned by the National Congress)

-Bill of protection against child exploitation in public

-Integrated project against trafficking

-Bill of the promotion and support of breast-feeding

-Bill over the well-treatment of children and adolescents


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