Corporate Social Responsability

Corporate social responsibility is a scope in development in our country.  Currently, the Paraguayan businesses are starting to identify and apply the actual proposal of the approach and practice of the CSR programs.


Global Children has been one of the pioneering organizations to work closely in training, diagnosis and planning from this approach in our businesses with highly positive results which allows them to see children and adolescents in their plans and programs.

Furthermore, it has contributed to the diffusion and validation of the principles of social corporate responsibility proposed by the United Nations.

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Consult our library: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Alliances with entrepreneurship

Logo_EANCurrently, the initiative Alliances with entrepreneurship to promote the right of children and adolescents is carried seeking to provide strategies for the development of business practices that respect and promote the effective exercise of the rights of children and adolescents.

In this framework, since the year 2011, Global Infancia has implemented the Seal Friends of Children Businesses, a model of certification that includes the initial evaluation of the business for the technical assistance with views to improve and strengthen the social actions and projects directed towards the field of child and adolescent.

In this process, MC Courier is signature, and Vision Banco and Banco Familiar were already certified.

Read more about the Seal Friends of Children Businesses here.

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