OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the principal strategies of Global Infancia is the participation in networks of institutions and organizations of a diverse nature, to articulate and coordinate the actions for the defense, promotion and protection of the rights of children and adolescence.  So today it is a part of the following cases:

-Coordinator for the rights of children and adolescents (CDIA)in the committees of Participation and Investment in Children.

-Network ANDI Latin America, throughout the Global News Agency.  Since 2011, Global Infancia has also assumed the Executive Secretary.

-Intersectoral Commission for the Prevention and Treatment of Violence against children and adolescents (Mesa Pais), shaped to follow the recommendations of the report about violence from the UN.

-National Commission for the Prevention and Eradication of Child Labor and the Protection of Labor and Adolescents (CONAETI)

- Interagency Board for the Prevention and Combating Trafficking in Persons in the Republic of Paraguay (Trafficking board)

-Leaders Participation Board.  With the objective of the contribution of the design of the policies of participation by children and adolescents, driven by the SNNA and the way of sharing the institutional experience developed up to the moment.

-Investment board.  In order to make an alliance with CSOs that drives the monitoring and increase of investment in childhood and adolescence.

-Education and Migration board.  With the objective of promoting a space of reflection for the impact on educational policy agenda including migration issues in a comprehensive manner.

-RACI-Py: Network in the face of International Cooperation-Paraguay: a space of interchange of information, interaction, dialogue and impact, on optimizing the abilities and aptitudes of the organizations of civil society respect to cooperation funds.

Adoption center.  In representation of civil society, the board of the adoption center participates.


Socios Estratégicos