In the past few years, Global Infancia has extended its boundaries implementing projects out of asimply local scope, articulating and coordinating actions of international impact.

In this sense, a huge challenge constitutes the responsibility of having assumed the Executive Secretariat of the network ANDI Latin America (, of which Global is a member through the Global News Agency.  Likewise, the organizationis integrated together with Bolivia, Nicaragua and Brazil, the Coordinating Council.

The network forms a part of the World Movement for children – Latin America and the Caribbean.  The organization contributes equally to the regional processes, mainly of neighboring countries, sharing experiences and working in the development in the topic of intervention with a rights approach, in the strengthening of the participation of civil society and in processes of impact. An example of this has been the agreement signed by the Government of Cordoba (Argentina) to provide knowledge in child participation on childhood boards.

Foto Córdoba


Global also integrates the network NATIC, for the safe and responsible use of new technology of the information and communication forming a part of the Research Working Group, together with 8 other countries, and in the theme of domestic child laborand child and adolescent trafficking, making interchanges of experiences, dialogues and articulation to combat this problem at a Mercosur and Central American level.

Notably, child and adolescent organizations have been promoted and accompanied by Global in international spaces of participation with outstanding performances of implementation models of actions of exercise of right.

Currently, Global Infancia is counterpart in a regional initiative called ‘Leaders’.

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