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Information about childhood day to day

The Global News Agency offers the daily dispatch of the e-bulletin Childhood and adolescence review in the media with the summary of the main news over the topic that is published in the national newspapers.

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Spread your activities for free

With a weekly dispatch (Monday every week) the Global News Agency features with the bulleting Absolute Priority.  Also, Childhood and Adolescence in the media agenda which is distributed through local means of communication, as well as to organizations and which contains information about activities in the sector.

Through this bulletin, you can search supporting the diffusion and coverture of the actions as well as strengthen the role of sources of information of the organizations of civil society that develop initiatives over the rights of children and adolescents.

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Advocating the media agenda

With a period that responds to moments and needs of mobilization and installation of themes in the public agenda, the Global News Agency features in the Bulletin Footprints to follow the themes of childhood and adolescence from which reports present over a prominent theme and that is considered as a priority to be introduced in the media agenda.

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