Mobilization of resources

Global Infancia features within its organizational structure the area called Resource Development.

The organization, thanks to its actions and the results obtained in more than 15 years of work, is recognized so much by its participants as by its alliances as a mobilized entity for OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAvalues of:







The mission that motivates and engages its technician squad and its alliedbusinesses is working for a better present for children and adolescents.

To make this job a reality, the active and sensitive participation of the national business sector is fundamental.  Some of the development strategies are:

Membership project

Through the Call Center the membership Project is being implemented looking to invite people to join the cause of Global Infancia, through telephone calls.

With this, Global Infancia has joined with supportive partners that back the institutional funds, and therefore strengthen the development, continuation and coverture of projects.

The supportive partners make contributions monthly or when is convenient to them.

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Work with businesses

There is a spectrum of categories of support from businesses for the initiatives that bring Global Infancia forward, that through trust and corporate contributions they have provided that possibility to be present in society.

Recently, the following activities have been made:

International Conference of Family, School and Affection

Familia...1In 2012, Global Infancia, thanks to its support from numerous businesses and international organisms of cooperation, newly allowed the presence of the Spanish expert on education and childhood, Pepahorno, in the country.

In this occasion, the expertdelivered a conference about Family, School and Affection directed especially to members of the educational system, parents and other professionals and other people interested in these matters.

The event was presented by: Save the Children, ItaipúBinacional and BancoItaú.

Supportedby: Fondo Cristiano Canadiense, Personal / Núcleo S.A., Agua Seltz, Esso Standard Paraguay, Bauducco, Kelloggs / Profarco S.A., Colegio Las Teresas, Café Mayo and la Universidad Iberoamericana – UNIBE


Good practice and discipline seminar

Close to 600 people were present at the Hotel Excelsior at the Good treatment and discipline seminar, organized by Global Infancia and the National Secretariat for Childhood and Adolescence (SNNA) in 2011.

Buen trato y disciplina

The meeting was with the participation of the director ofCecodap (a Venezuelan organization), Oscar Misle, and the Spanish consultant PepaHorno, who presented their approaches over the importance of education without violence.

The event was presented by: Save the Children, ItaipúBinacional and BancoItaú

Supported by: Núcleo S.A., Fondo Cristiano Canadiense, Profarco S.A. by its brands Bauducco and Kelloggs, Universidad Iberoamericana – UNIBE, Mickey, Agua Seltz and Sueñolar

Safe and healthy use of new technologies

Uso seguroIn the SalónCarderíain the Textilia Event Center the conference called Safe and healthy use of new technologies took place in 2010.

The activity was with the participation of specialists form Spain and Argentina, who provided exhibitions over the risks of the inadequate use of new technologies, the way of protecting children and adolescents from the threats of home and school, and the available resources online to educate and protect virtual life.

Uso seguro 1






The event was presented by: ItaipúBinacional, BancoItaú y Personal

Sponsored by: Unicef

In collaboration with: PantallasAmigas, IDRC and CRDI.

Hosted by: Unibe and Mickey

Supported by: Hotel Chaco, Café Mayo, Agua Seltz, Fondo Cristiano Canadiense, Microsoft, Panda Security, TechparInformática and Cablevisión

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