Child labor

carretillaChild labor, especially in the way of child domestic labor, is a topic that Global Infancia has been addressing almost since the beginnings of the organization.

Along the years of implementation of efforts in this area, actions have been made that have contributed to the reflection and the visibility of studies and legislative modifications that today sustain proposals of greater strengthening and the deeper challenges in the search of the eradication of this problem.

In this way, currently actions are performed that develop in the following ways.

-Prevention: through the development of a campaign of advocacy and of the installation of alerts to reduce the demand

-Institutional strengthening: through the capacitation of state agents for the improvement of access, efficiency and efficacy of social protection services.

-Legislative adequacy: Via the development of a proposed regulation and sanction of domestic child labor.

-Coordination at a regional level: an aim of strengthening the international cooperation, the dialogue and interchange of experiences over the topic between member States and associates of Mercosur and Central American bodies.

Subsequently, the initiative works with State institutions, the National Parliament, businesses in the public and private sector, unions, organization networks, organized children and adolescents, amongst others.

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