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Ámbar cortoIf you want to make an economical contribution to Global Infancia to cooperate with children and adolescents in our country so they can be respected and grow up safe and in fair and just conditions, you have the possibility to make a donation to the amount you are able to.

We also offer you the option of doing it with a credit card.

Complete the following form to make a contribution with credit card.  our system is safe and is certified by Bancard.

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In the left column the amounts are shown in US Dollars and on the right in Paraguayan Guarani’s.  Choose the currency in which you would like to make the donation.

 USD 10  Gs. 50.000
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 USD 50  Gs. 300.000
 USD 100  Gs. 500.000

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Visit us or communicate with us calling (595 21) 510 445 or 510 624 for more information.

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